safari zones in bandhavgarh

Safari Zones In Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh Safari Gates

Bandhavgarh National Park contains total six zones, three core zones and three buffer zones. These zones collectively offer a diverse range of wildlife experiences, from high tiger density areas in the core zones to serene and less-visited wilderness in the buffer zones.

bandhavgarh zones

Core Zones of Bandhavgarh

  • Tala Zone
  • Magadhi Zone
  • Khitauli Zone
Tala Zone

Famous for its high tiger density, the Tala Zone is a prime spot for tiger sightings. It also hosts a diverse range of wildlife, including leopards, sloth bears, elephants, and various deer species.

Magadhi Zone

Located in the western part of the park, the Magadhi Zone is known for its tiger population and offers chances to encounter leopards, sloth bears, deer, as well as scenic waterfalls and lakes.

Khitauli Zone

Though less developed than the other two core zones, Khitauli is a good place to spot tigers, leopards, sloth bears, and deer. It features dense bamboo forests, adding to its unique appeal.


Buffer Zones of Bandhavgarh

  • Dhamokhar Zone
  • Johila Zone
  • Panpatha Zone
Dhamokhar Zone

Situated between the Magadhi and Khitauli zones, Dhamokhar is home to a variety of wildlife, including tigers, leopards, sloth bears, deer, and dhole (wild dogs).

Johila Zone

Found in the southern part of the park, the Johila Zone offers opportunities to see tigers, leopards, sloth bears, deer, and gaur (Indian bison).

Panpatha Zone

Located in the eastern part of the park, the Panpatha Zone provides chances to encounter tigers, leopards, sloth bears, deer, and chital (spotted deer).

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